Sunday, March 6, 2011

Please, drive safe!

I usually make every attempt to be funny or somehow amusing when I write. I don't like to make myself a billboard for public service announcements but, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. On Friday, March 4th, I saw something that greatly disturbed me.

We (my trainer and myself) were headed east on HWY 30 in between Scappoose and Portland when we came across the scene of an accident. The vehicles involved were a Dodge Neon and a Dump Truck. The only reason that I know it was a Dodge Neon is because I found a news story on the incident. There was not enough left of the car to identify it after the accident. The damage on the dump truck was all underneath. The front axle was severely damaged and the fuel and air tanks that are right under the drivers cab were bent towards the rear of the truck. It was obvious to me that the dump truck went completely over the top of this small car. There was a large yellow blanket that was placed over the top of what one might perceive to be the drivers compartment of the car. The disturbing part, there were 4 or 5 of these blankets placed at random stops on the road. My guess; they weren't there to cover up car parts.

From what I could gather from news accounts, it seems the driver of the car may have suffered a medical condition that led to the accident.

I have been with my trainer for about 3 weeks now. On Tuesday, I will go back to the office to do a solo out test. If I am able to meet their requirements, they hand me the keys to a truck and send me on my way. What I saw on HWY 30 on Friday, just prior to my solo out test, is a grim reminder that our public highways can be a very dangerous place. I know I have several RV'ers that follow this blog and you spend a lot of time out there. But, be it for the purpose of recreating, making a living or just getting to work, the message is the same; PLEASE, DRIVE SAFE!

Hope to see you on the highway!



  1. Good blog, Red, and a timely message. We all need to be aware of the unexpected and keep our minds on our driving when we are behind the wheel. Even though the dump truck driver may not have been physically injured, you can bet he is also damaged from this accident. No one ever comes out ahead in an accident. Good luck next week and travel safe.

  2. I great reminder, after over 37 years in Law Enforcement, and 2 years of driving a Motor coach for Trailways, I have seen more than my share of highway incidents, the sad part is a lot of them could have been avoided simply but not drinking and driving. Looks like you did a good job on your training, I truly enjoyed the time I spent on the road with the bus, but when I was eligible for social security I had to give it up or work for nothing.From the old Sarge, be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. Great reminder. I was involved in a terrible accident in 2001 -- thankfully, it was not my fault -- but as a result, there was loss of life in the other vehicle. I still think about that accident every day. Good luck on your solo trip & be safe. Thanks for sharing this important post as a reminder we all need to practice safety every day.

    God bless.

  4. You made a good point people need to slow down. I drove a truck for 28 years good luck with your test.

  5. I remember when I had a 79 MG midget. It was a death waiting to happen. I neve allowed my daughter or son to drive it, and I was as careful as I could be.

    Hope you stay safe out there.

  6. Hello Red, I follow your mom's blog and came across your blog via hers. Thank you for your sobering message today about driving safely. Best of luck to you as you take your final solo truck driving test.

  7. Hey, why do they call you Red??? HAHAHA!! Just kidding (I'm not blonde, really!). I also follow your parent's blog and just had to see the product of their procreation :) OK, so I'm irreverent! That's why they love me so much!

    I'm happy to see you've joined the blog world. I'm glad for your post today. It is SO important to drive safely...especially when towing a rig, or driving a big truck.

    I'm not gonna wish you luck on your driving test. You're gonna do great because you've PREPARED.