Monday, September 24, 2012

A Tree-mendous idea chap-tree 1

My wife and I were discussing some ideas for a getaway a couple of months ago. Of course, the ole' stand by came up, let's go spend some time at the coast. As much as I love the beautiful Oregon Coast, I was starting to feel like I was completely out of fresh ideas. I started to question...Have I really seen EVERYTHING this wonderful State has to offer??? So I made it my mission to find something we haven't done before. Something that was very different and lots of fun. After toying with several ideas, some that were out of our price range, we ended up booking a stay at Out 'N' About.

As much as I would love spend hours on end filling up space with boring text in order to lead to the big hook at the end, I will just jump past all that today and get right to the heart of the story.

Out 'N' About is Bed and Breakfast that is built in the trees. Yes, this is a place for adults and kids alike who want to stay the night in a tree house. 
This is what we saw as drove into the place

The place is set about 10 miles outside of Cave Junction in Southern Oregon. 
Swiss Family Robinson tree house

As you come into the place, you immediately know you came across something very different. The place is very relaxed and almost feels like a hippy commune. Please, don't let the hippy idea scare you off just yet. You just might find that you have an inner hippy that is needing to be set free, if only for a weekend.

The door to our room

I have to admit, we kinda cheated. We went to the tree houses and stayed in a room over the lodge. It was the only room in the complex with a king bed and it also had a bathroom and a shower. Some of the tree houses that were closer to the ground lacked certain facilities. There are communal (and clean) bathrooms close by. However, some people (me) enjoy having their own space. To their credit, all the communal bathrooms are single occupancy, so you don't have to take care of business while looking at somebody else's toes under the stall walls.

Out the door to our tree-zebo
Looking out of the door to our room. We had our little private tree-zebo. There are some chairs out there on the deck so you can relax. There is also a small loft over the deck, but probably only suitable for children or petite adults.

There are four rooms like this that are up higher and built around a single tree. 

If you look just past the basket ball hoop, you can see the Cabin. The Cabin is the only ground floor accommodations.

All four of the higher rooms are accessible only by a brave trek across two suspension bridges.   

one of the suspension bridges
The Majestree. This one has it's own deck below the room. Look closely at the left side of the deck. There are stairs that lead up to the neighboring tree and then to a spiral stair case that goes around the tree and into the cabin.

This one is 47 feet off the ground and you can feel it sway when you're in the cabin. Kinda freaky, kinda cool.

I took about 150 photo's and I want to share many more photo's and stories with you. Due to personal time limitations, I will probably do this in several installments. There is just WAY TOO MUCH to say all in one post. Keep your eye's peeled, more coming real soon!!!

Or, since my anonymity has been blown.....