Thursday, January 27, 2011

Phase one; complete, Phase two......recruiters

Four weeks of books, backing, grinding and inspecting has finally paid off, The State of Oregon now trusts me to operate rather large vehicles on the same roadways that you currently use. Out of a class of 5, 2 people asked to reschedule their test for next week and get in an extra week of practice. I was scheduled to go 3rd today but ended up testing first since others thought that would be the hardest slot. I was happy to go first as I was sure that it would be easier to get it out of the way rather than sweating it out watching my classmates embarrass themselves.

And now, onto looking for a job. I feel very lucky to have a skill (or, perceived skill) that is in high demand. It might be worthy of concern why this is such a high demand job, the retention problems of this profession should be seen as "red flags" rather than "opportunity's". When recruiters show up at your school in the first week that might serve as a good indicator that nobody really wants to do this job. All the same, it feels good to be wanted. I have applied to 4 different trucking companies and all 4 said they would be more than happy to have me operate their trucks. After looking at a sea of information, I think I have decided to grant my services to May Trucking.

Since I have been surviving on unemployment since June, I am very excited that I finally have a path to a paycheck. The job market out there is very tough and I know many people that have been without a job for over a year or two. So, with that in mind, 8 months doesn't seem so bad.

Onward and upward, we'll see what happens with May!



  1. Way to go! I'm very proud of you! You will most certainly be moving up ( into the cab ).

  2. It speaks highly of you that you went out and took some intiative and made something happen for yourself. Good for watch out for those lumbering motorhomes. They're going as fast as they can!!

  3. Red,

    I agree with Donna, great job! I know the trucking industry is hard, long hours and staring at the same road for long shifts but it seems that you were properly wired for it.

    The good ones make pretty good money I'm told so you should do very well after you get a few years under your belt!

    Congrats and good luck!