Saturday, June 18, 2011

From little girl to young lady

There are few things in this life that will grip a person's heart like the birth of their child. To have the privilege of witnessing the miracle of life being welcomed into this world and knowing you're responsible for helping create this life, just amazing. Almost 12 years after that life changing event, I still drift back to that moment and remember the first time I met my daughter face to face. This powerful moment from the past still has the ability to command my emotions in a way that most men would deny possible.

And life progresses...
Those of you that have kids all know that not every moment of their precious lives will evoke sweet emotions. There are times when being a parent made me very sad, angry, scared, apologetic, hurt, defensive...the list goes on. My daughter has somehow honed the fine art of bringing out the best and worst in me. Further, people that interact with my daughter will also cause these extreme peaks, depending on how they treat her. But, for every emotion that I feel from being a father, there is one that stands out above all other - LOVE!
I've always said that this photo makes me feel like a father
Bekah holdin her own

On Wednesday of this week Bekah attended her last day of Elementary School. It's hard to realize that time has gone by this quick and my little baby is now a Jr High Schooler. Long gone are the days when I would toss her up in the air and catch her while she's yelling "FLY DADDY FLY". The little girl that I once held in my arms has already started the natural gravitation towards friends. I'm alright with her growing up, it's my job as a parent to facilitate that. But, I can't help but think that those moments that you treasure go by just a little quicker than expected.
You mess with my girl, this is the least of your worries!

Bekah with her teacher on last day of Elementary School

A video that I made several years ago, it ends with her first day of Preschool

So, if you all were wondering what I might request for Fathers Day. The answer is simple; I already got it!



  1. Pass the tissues!! Love it John...what a wonderful tribute for Father's Day. You are a great daddy and will only get better as the years roll by.

  2. What a perfect post for Father's Day weekend. Heart felt words form a true father. Then of course, I think you have a good example. Happy Father's day to YOU!

  3. I need the tissues too! John, that was a beautiful tribute to your daughter, and something that she will hold precious for the rest of her life. Wow!! I wish that my dad had written something so beautiful about his love for me.

  4. My son, I just want you to know, you've grown up to become a wonderful father. You are doing a great job with your "little girl" who's growing up sooooooo fast. I like what you've become as you have grown up, and I'm sure you will be able to say the same for Bekah. Love you both!